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Pyrotechnics FOUNTAIN KAT T1

NEM and Type-Nr.:see at the Product or at the
side label of the box

Minimum safety distances:
in direction of the effects 9 m; radial 4 m
Store in a cool and dry place.
Connect only to currentless firing cables.
Use only in according to the generally reconised codes of
practice and the national laws for safety and fire protetion.
Avoid overhead obstructions. Never hold any part of your
body over the muzzle!
Instruction for use: MADE FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY!
The articles shall be used for theatrical purposes within
stage, film and television productions, as well as within
music or show productions. Distribution and disposition of
the articles only within unopened original packaging.
Gerbs and Fountains never nail up or crush and
Insert the enclosed squib in to the nozzle and lock with
adhesive tape, cable tie or similar.
Minimum age limits according to the Directive 2013/29/EU
and national provisions.
Articles shall be properly attached to avoid tilting over
during function. Burning-off over fire resistant underlay.
Disposal according to national provisions or return to